I am all for Barrack Hussein Obama. Not because of his speeches, but because of what he is. Isn’t that however what most Americans seem to be interested in!

He shares his middle name with Saddam, ‘the tyrant who gassed Kurds’; his last name sounds like Osama, ‘the world’s most wanted terrorist’: both Saddam and Osama were till recently US’ official enemies number one. (After Saddam’s execution, Osama is now lonely at the top). We need not harp more than this on his name, though, because unlike Americans we know it is a pure coincidence.

Some have deep suspicions about BHO’s religion: “…the key is to take Obama at his word that he is a Christian and not secretly a Moslem.” He is a Christian, although his father was a Kenyan Muslim, and his mother an atheist.

There was much hoopla about some of his schooling years he spent in a Muslim madrassa in Indonesia. CNN sent secret camera crews to Indonesia to confirm this. It turned out to be a public school, with mostly Muslim students. (BBC, not to be left behind, sent teams to Kenya and reported that Obama’s father was a ‘bigoted, bigamist’—right, like all Muslims—and not a role model Obama claims.

In short, fears surrounding what BHO represents points to everything that is wrong with the present day US. Paranoia is the word. Bush has seeped deep into the US conscience. There is a little Bush in everyone there. He has managed to convince average Americans of what they are: White Protestants, and nothing else. So, the others’ presence represents only a threat to the “American Values”. Mexicans will flood the country and take away jobs; Blacks are criminals; Muslims are terrorists; Chinese are communists. Books like Huntington’s “Who are We?” gave form to this sentiment.

BHO is coming into the American public consciousness at a crucial time. Iraq is anything but a success for US so far. Taliban is back playing hide-and-seek in Tora Bora. Osama’s videos are still running on Arab news channels. Iran is defiant. North Korea refused to give a damn. South America is ‘bristling’ with new-age socialists. Hurricane Katrina hit US social safety illusions the worst. It is losing troops in Iraqi streets battles. Its people are losing patience. Half-a-million anti-war demonstrators were on the streets the other day in Washington.

The following months will be interesting; BHO will continue to attract more rumours, but these rumours will point toward what Americans have made of themselves.


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