A Place with no Pain

“The regal realm with the sorrowless name:

they call it the Queen City, a place with no pain,

No taxes no cares, none own property there,

no wrongdoing, worry, terror, or torture.

O my brother, I’ve come to take it as my own,

my distant home, where everything is right.

That imperial kingdom is rich and secure,

where none are third, or second–all are one;

Its food and drink are famous, and its people

dwell in ease and in common wealth.

They do this or that, they walk where they wish,

they stroll through fabled palaces unchallenged.

O, says Ravidas, a good-for-nothing tanner,

those who walk beside me are my friends.”

—-Sant Ravidas, Dalit poet of late 15th C.


–or, Be-Gham-Pur.



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