RED ANT DREAM (Sanjay Kak)

While it maintains a persuasive focus on the fundamental battle line between the State and its subjects, with lateral shifts from one tense point of symbolic confrontation or appropriation to another along this line, Red Ant Dream subtly draws attention to how Indian military thinking might be unable to comprehend the primary raison d’être behind the people’s war in these forests. The State experts may create a Jungle Warfare School to fight wars in forests or a High-Altitude Warfare School to fight in Kashmir, but their principle mode of thinking remains tied to stereotypes about their opponents…. ~ Read more ~



Sixty years have passed since India and Pakistan snuffed out the best chances for the realization of an independent democratic Kashmir. Without any feeling of remorse, or putting the blame on their own houses, India and Pakistan are putting the entire burden of the sub-continental peace on the bruised Kashmiri shoulders. Kashmiris can formalize peace between the two giant colonial remnants by giving up their own ‘ambivalent’ aspirations to independence. They must learn the language of their conquerors. Or at least this is what David Devadas is suggesting in his book “In Search of a Future: The Story of Kashmir”… ~ Read more ~



The film is about unsettling the received wisdom. Multi-layered, polyphonic, criss-crossing narratives are woven eclectically, and pulled together by the theme “Azadi”. And Azadi can mean anything. It can mean a woman seeking revenge of her husband’s murder; a child’s innocent slogan which finds a rapturous response from the crowd; the last failing words of a dying college-going boy brutalised by soldiers; a veteran’s prayer to “Ishwar, Allah, Baghwan” asking metaphysical powers in his sigh so that it can take on any powerful military. It can also mean a disappointed poet’s dream of a glorious return to his home; or another poet’s desire to end the frenzy that has blurred his vision. It means Independence… ~ Read more ~



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